Seinfeld reunion show

                                             Captured moment on the set of the Seinfeld reunion show

The "Sienfeld Reunion"

                                  Seinfeld reunion rehearsal day

Untitled photo

Mad tv   we put up a cityscape behind and above the sets/grid.  This added depth and

a design element to the home base set.

CYE Larry Drowns (almost)

                                                                      Robert Weide directing Larry David in drowning sequence at Huntington pier

Kevin Hart on the ledge stunt

                                                                                        Kevin Hart falls from a 20 story building (Hollywood style)

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

PARAMOUNT STUDIOS  stage 2, Kevin Harts Penthouse

                                              Paramount Studios stage 28  Kevin Hart's penthouse. Chris Robertson director

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" The process

                                                                          On set with Larry Charles and Larry David

How to light Heaven

                                              Lighting the largest practical Heaven set ever done in Hollywood (really was)

Untitled photo

This is what Heaven looks like.  Sasha Baron Cohen and Dustin Hoffman are

already there.

Disney "Crash and Bernstien"

                                                              Disney Chanel "Crash and Bernstein"

Disney "Crash and Bernstien"

                                                              Disney Chanel "Crash and Bernstein"

A simple car shot in N.Y.

                                              Rigging a process car in NY.

Shooting on the beach in Malibu
Lighting up New York

Wedding scene at the beach in Malibu                                                                                          Lighting up Soho for "Curb"

Larry David goes skiing

                                              Larry goes skiing

Untitled photo

                                                                                                                  "How we dooos it Larry"

"Paris" on the Universal Backlot

                                              Paris at Universal Studios Burbank with Eiffel tower in backround (green screen)

Larry David drowns

                                          Shooting Larry drowning

Filming Larry drowning

                                         Where we shot the drowning scene at Universal

Meg Ryan with Jerry Seinfeld

                                                                       Meg Ryan and Jerry Seinfeld   "Curb Style"

Camping scene for "Halfway Home"

                                              Camping scene for "Halfway Home"


                                             Megan  1st AC

Rigging the Prius

                                             The guys Rigging the Prius

Mr. Softee in Brooklyn on "Curb S4"

                                              "Curb Your Enthusiasm" period flashback in Brooklyn

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