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Bill Sheehy grew up 5 blocks from MGM studios (now Sony Studios) in Culver City where he would sneak into the back lot to see how movies were made.  Photography then became a passion that evolved into a career in film. Bill began his formal studies at LMU with a BFA in fine and communication arts specializing in cinematography.

After graduation Bill started working under cinematographers Gene Polito ASC and Frank Stanley ASC. Working as a grip, electrician, camera assistant, gaffer, and operator he worked on a variety of projects from Roger Corman features to academy award winning documentaries.

Bill joined the Cinematography guild in 1996 and has been a mainstream DP with credits such as "MAD TV", "That 70's Show", and the highly acclaimed and stylized "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO.

"It's all about telling a story. As visual storytellers we help create a style, each project's cinematic grammar, the light, the revealing angles, the mood. This is what ties you into the story and performance."

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